Sunday, April 01, 2007

Come Fly With Me

So I've had two reasons I haven't been able to post much. One is that the Simpsons Feature is in crunch time and I can't post any art from that because of NDA's, and the other is that I've secretly been animating a film to propose to my fiancee Dawn. I got it to play in a local movie theater after a screening of TMNT. With our friends and family in the back row, I proposed to Dawn, she said yes, and now Dave am happiest man on earth. Here it is complete with crappy compression, for your viewing pleasure.


Yannick said...

that's great !

Christy said...

Awwwww - we so happy!
love ira & christy

Kaveh said...

My hero!

chengwhich said...

hey, cool stuff!
i forget how i stumbled upon
your blog - i think i was looking
up nick storyboards - but
i remember some of your
stuff from the character design
class with kazu, khang and chris.
congrats on getting engaged, too!

Anne-arky said...

Yay Dave and Dawn! That is awesome news--congrats! :)

arree said...

super awesome dave! congratudlations!!!

Valaree said...

Congratulations on your Simpson movie and your engagement. You bring tears to my eyes many times... When you got up on the desk on our final day and toasted the class with Martinelli's Cider. and now with your engagement film. We saw the Simpson film the weekend it opened and stayed for all the credits and say your name!!! And it was so cute to see the Simpson family in silhoutte and Lisa's pacifier released! "Segueal"

carbunkel said...

You beautiful beautiful nerd.

I'd heard about this film, but it was way sweeter than I had imagined. No wonder she said yes.