Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prisoner of Benda pt. 1

I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite storyboards from my time at Futurama.  So here's a short but fun sequence from an episode called "The Prisoner of Benda".  Directed by my good pal Stephen Sandoval, this was one of my favorite episodes to storyboard because it involved the cast switching brains with one another.  Here the Professor inhabits Bender's shiny metal ass, so he decides to have a little fun with it.  Originally, Bender was going to miss the target by just a little bit and land in the dirt, but our Supervising Director Peter Avanzino had the genius idea of having him smash into the stands.  More to come!


jabalong said...

Hi Dave, speaking of Futurama, always loved this custom Futurama figure you did as a Bender-Hellboy mash-up.

Did you ever do any other custom Futurama figures?

David Au said...

Hi Jabalong,
HellBender was my only custom. I'd love to get into sculpting some statues and maquettes of the million nerdy things I love but not enough time at the moment.