Saturday, March 02, 2013

Ramen Kids

Had fun sketching these tikes enjoying their Ramen today.  More cafe sketches coming soon from a trip I took to England recently.


L ROSSI said...

:) cuties!
Lovely work on your blog!
(loved that Bender sequence :D)

David Au said...

Thanks Laurent! "One Day" was crazy inspiring! All the animators I know around here were drooling over it. I was in France last September and tried to tour Gobelins (we were staying in a hotel on Rue de Gobelins) but they wouldn't let me in :/

L ROSSI said...

Heheh awwww If I was still there I would have taken you around :)
I remember I tried the same thing years ago and they didn't let me in either.... but don't worry, it's actually just a regular ol' school on the inside :P
Glad you liked the film!!